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The Youth Ink 

The Youth Ink is an emerging research platform based on the idea of true education and research for the Masses. Knowledge and its quest isn't an option, it's a duty of the Young. Youth can give the right tone to today's and tomorrow's society by having a spirit of True Education within themselves. 

The Youth Ink believes that a young mind must not be fed with opinions, biases, and prejudices, because they're capable of processing and analyzing the information on their own. It's time for all of us to be done with fitting in a structure, reading what we're being told to read, and studying in a pre-set curriculum.

The Youth Ink publishes a monthly magazine in English and Hindi languages. The Hindi magazine: 'Yatn' is based on the idea of providing sufficient academic resources to Hindi medium students all across the country. The English magazine: 'Journal of Undergraduate Studies' is aimed at inculcating research aptitude among UG and PG students along with providing them an opportunity to learn the research processes. 

The Youth Ink conducts Workshops based on the idea of true notion of education and research methodology. The workshops aim to empower the youth with a philosophy of education and its goals related to individuals and society. FGDs, Self-assessment tests, Presentations, and Learning Research Methodology are the inputs in the workshops that aim to deliver a youth who is academically strong, socially educated, and well-rounded in character.

The Youth Ink has its publications on social media platforms alongside having a YouTube channel of its own. It focuses on providing video content based on the idea of awareness of the masses about relevant and meaningful topics.

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