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Hope & Happiness Program 

Education: Dream of Hope & Happiness

Hope & Happiness Program is a 24 Days (8 weeks) curriculum that is based on real-time activities, games, role-play, research work, and various components that help children develop their understanding of hope and happiness. In the 24 Days initiative, we are trying to make a fear-free environment for children, where they can get the opportunity to explore the concept of self-awareness, empathy, dream life through various activities. Further, mindfulness improves decision making, leads to greater emotional stability, abstract planning, and less reactivity. All children are born and raised in different situations. The environment in which children grow up today is inconsistent, unstable, and constantly changing. Our vision with this initiative is to help children encounter stress and enable them to be hopeful for a brighter future that can break their cycle of disadvantage and poverty. 

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