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Reskilling and upskilling the Youth Mind-Set.

Indian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 

Start-ups are one of the strongest engines for wealth creation, employment, and economic growth. India is aspiring to be a $5 trillion economy in the next five years. There is also a need to create 300 million jobs by 2040, which is roughly 10 million jobs a year. These aspirations and needs of India cannot just be fulfilled by the existing large enterprises alone. Start-ups can act as a vehicle to achieve the next level of economic growth and social development. India has begun its journey to becoming one of the fastest-growing start-up hubs in the world, and today, it is the third-largest in technology-driven product start-ups, after the U.S. and the U.K. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor estimates some 20% of Indians (aged between 18 and 64 years) intend to start a business in the next three years, while more than 11% are nascent entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, innovators, academicians, and mentors to start-ups, in this third wave, Indians have an opportunity to rapidly prosper and put India on the path to becoming a developed nation. For this, we must explore new areas of entrepreneurial opportunities, develop new approaches, acquire relevant skills and mindset, and offer complete ecosystem support to successfully build deep-tech, IP-driven innovative platforms, products, and solutions from India, for the world.

The Young Leaders Program is 2 years of unique leadership initiative to support higher secondary schools’ students to channelize their hidden potential inadequate direction, which serves the basic purpose of any individual’s interest by embarking students directly for their future aspects. The Program an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards the right career path.

Young Leaders Program 


The Youth Ink is an emerging research platform based on the idea of true education and research for the Masses. Knowledge and its quest isn't an option, it's a duty of the Young. Youth can give the right tone to today's and tomorrow's society by having a spirit of True Education within themselves. The Youth Ink publishes a monthly magazine in English and Hindi languages. The Hindi magazine.

Youth Ink & Impact Program


The Future Leadership Program is designed to cultivate and empower young minds to take on leadership roles in the public sector, specifically addressing the challenges of development and governance. The program focuses on equipping these future leaders with the necessary knowledge, competencies, and values to navigate a rapidly changing world.

Future Leadership Program

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Key Programs at SAFL India 


Virtual Incubation Program for Social Entrepreneurship is 8 weeks professional program designed to support early-stage social entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The program will help young entrepreneurs to develop their deep understanding of the social sector and explore their idea. The Program will help you to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Virtual Incubation Program

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