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SAFL India Foundation

SAFL India Foundation logo

SAFL India Foundation is a non-profit organization based in New Delhi, India. We design sustainable programs for the government schools and leverage existing organisation networks and the government systems to implement this program, ensuring children are aware of the dynamic labour market needs.

We strongly believe in strengthening the school ecosystem by creating opportunities for future public leaders. We bring together diverse stakeholders, Govt. & Non-Govt. leaders, academicians, experts, and practitioners through knowledge sessions and conferences to build dialogue, accelerate solutions, and inspire systemic collective action to address the myriad development challenges of India.

Hope & Happiness Program

We all know that People in Assam are facing unimaginable difficulties because of the floods that have come at a time of the coronavirus crisis, Over 45 lakh people have been affected in 28 districts of Assam. Due to the floods and Covid-19, almost schools are closed, students are unable to continue the teaching-learning process in the critical situation through virtual mode. These kinds of situation are making students hopeless and many children grow up in difficult circumstances with little nourishment for the body and the mind, some not even having seen a book or a toy until they go to school. In these cases, there is either an overstimulation or a deficit in these areas with our students leading to a psychological crisis that is spinning out of control.

About the Program:

All children are born and raised in different situations. The environment in which children grow up today is inconsistent, unstable, and constantly changing. We created a 24 Days (8 weeks) Hope and Happiness curriculum that is based on real-time activities, games, role-play, research work, and various components that help children develop their understanding of hope and happiness. In the 24 Days initiative, we are trying to fear a free environment for children, where they can get the opportunity to explore the concept of self-awareness, empathy, dream life through various activities. Further, mindfulness improves decision making, leads to greater emotional stability, abstract planning and less reactivity.

Volunteer for change: We are looking for a passionate young minds to volunteer for Hope & Happiness Program and support students of flood affected areas, Assam.  

     VIP-SE Program

Virtual Incubation Program for Social Entrepreneurship is an 8 weeks professional program designed to support early age social entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The program will help young entrepreneurs to develop their deep understanding of the social sector and explore their idea and passion in the global market. Our aim to support those who want to become social entrepreneurs in the future. The program will help you to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Deadline: 15 April, 2020

Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam